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Craps Betting Systems
(The Field vs. The Inside)

Almost every gambler believes there are betting systems and betting schemes that can enable you to beat the house advantage at craps and other casino games. Mathematics and experience show this line of thinking to be completely wrong. But gambler’s are forever searching and hoping for that magical craps betting system that will make them a million bucks.

Play free craps now!Most players new to gambling start out using their own craps betting system, which more often than not is a form of a system called Martingale. This system dictates doubling your bet when you lose. If you place a bet on 6 - 8 and 5 - 9 you can win 19 times as these numbers combined will appear 18 times. But is betting these “inside numbers” better than betting the field?

Some people tout the field bet is the best bet. Betting on these seven numbers with 16 ways to hit these numbers, you’re chances of winning are high. The field bet is even better than you think. Two of the numbers, the 2 and 12 are paid out at 2 to 1. Considering a round of 36 rolls, the house edge on this bet is about 5.6%

If you bet the inside numbers 6 and 8, 5 and 9 these numbers will come up 18 times. Is the field bet better than placing the inside numbers? Any craps betting system needs to take this into consideration.

If you bet $6 on each 6 and 8 and $5 on 5 and 9 you’ll win 18 times for a total of $126. But when the 7 come up you lose $22 on all your bets and in a 36 roll round , that’s $132. You lost $6 showing a house advantage of 2.6%

Based on house advantage the inside number bet seems to be a much better bet. So, should you bet on the field or bet on the inside numbers?

Many experts agree that if you can afford betting the inside numbers then its best to avoid the field bet. If you are on a limited budget you can bet the field for only $1 at many casinos. The field bet is decided on every roll and will there will be approximately 120 rolls per hour, which makes a total of $120 wagered per hour. The house advantage takes about $7 per hour of this total.

The inside number place bettor will see about 80 decisions per hour making that $1760 bet with the house keeping about $46.

Just keep in mind that some casinos pay triple on the 2 or 12 field bet lowering the house advantage to 2.7% on a field bet. That makes the bet almost as good at betting the inside numbers.

Low rolling players can take advantage of the field wager by looking for a riding short hot streaks. If you are a medium roller and have the bankroll to play the table minimums, the field bet is a sucker bet. Betting on so many numbers that seem to hit so often doesn’t change the fact that the money making potential of the field bet is an illusion.

Any craps betting system needs to be looked at hard to determine the true advantage of it. Be sure to look at any new craps betting system with a close eye before you put any real money on the line.

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