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Casino Comps

Many casino patrons avoid craps partly due to intimidation but also because craps is seen as a “negative expectation” game - the more you play, the more you will lose to the house. But, even if this happens, there is a way you can still profit. By taking advantage of the comps or complimentary items offered by casinos, you can easily turn around your losing streak and enjoy your losses!

Play free craps now!If you want to maximize your profits at craps, including casino comps the first thing you need to consider is where to play. You should stick to casinos that give you comp credit for spreads rather than bets. If you like to make multiple bets including a $10 pass bet and say, $12 on 6 and 8 and $5 on the field, a casino may only give your credit for your $10 bet. However, if you are at a casino that credits spreads you’d be considered a $40 player.

The next thing to consider is odds. You’ll want to play only at casinos that provide the maximum odds possible on pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come bets. If you bet $25 on the pass line and take a 2x odds bet - that’s $75 of action. If you win you get your $25 back plus $1000 for your odds bet.

If you make a $5 bet at a 20x odds casino on the pass line at take an odds bet for $70. You get your $5 back plus $140 for the odds bet - that makes $145 betting with the same amount of money taking different odds bets.

Try to find a casino that offers 5x odds and comp credit on those odds bets. Feel free to call around to the casinos and they’d be happy to answer your questions and even hook you up with a credit application - this is the sign of a serious player to the casino and will help you maximize your comps.

A casino will award casino comp credits depending on how much you bet and how often you bet. If you make $25 bets and play for four hours, a casino will usually give you a free room. If you are making $50 bets you’re likely to get free room, food, shows and drinks.

If you take a look at the value of these casino comps you’ll see how much value the casino is giving you back for free. If a good meal or show is $50, 6 meals and two shows over three days is $350 in comps. If the room is $150 per night, that’s $300 in free room alone. You’re getting a total of $650 of free stuff, just for playing craps like you normally do.

The intense competition between big hotels like Hilton, Starwood and others has resulted in the offering of double comps. Staying at casinos owned by the larger chains that offer “frequent visitor” points allow you to use them at other hotels in the chain. You can usually apply for this over the phone. These are similar to gambling comps resulting in free room for five complete stays and sometimes for any five days.

Any time you plan on visiting a casino, plan to make the most of your casino comps by choosing a casino that offers credits based on betting spreads, offers high odds and credit for those odds. Make sure you apply for credit at the casino and join a frequent visitor program and get double comps. Do this and your losses at the table will be offset by your virtually free vacation. Casino comps - almost always a sure thing!

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