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Casino Craps

Playing craps in a casino is a very different experience from playing online. Depending on where you want to play, you should be familiar not only with the rules of the game, but how the game is played in different venues - online or in a casino. Not only would it be nice if you didnít make a fool of yourself, but it would be nice to cash out some winnings, as well!

Casino craps does an excellent job of scaring away potential players. The loud noisy crowds around the table and the large Play free craps now!number of confusing bets are enough to help direct even experience gamblers to other games in the casino.

Casino Craps does seem to attract certain types of players to the game. Once you have a handle on the rules, the game isnít as confusing as it seems and once you start playing, it can be a lot of fun, especially if there is a crowd around the table cheering and betting.

The atmosphere of the casino craps table seems to take on an ďall players against the houseĒ mentality when playing with a large group of people. This is the largest difference from online craps, where the game is a single player against the house.

The first thing you need to play craps in a land based casino is chips. Well, actually, they are called ďchecksĒ. This is the proper casino term for chips used in a craps game. Often, the word ďchipsĒ is only correctly used at the roulette table. In all other games, the right word is ďchecksĒ.

You can buy your checks at the casino cashier or buy them at the craps table. Make sure the dealer understands you want to buy checks and not bet your whole bankroll on the next roll. Itís a good idea to get your checks before the shooter has the dice, so your hands donít get in the way. Itís a good idea to get your checks before the shooter has the dice, so your hands donít get in the way.

Playing casino craps means youíll be playing next to and with other people as well. For a game to be enjoyable, all players should follow some basic rules of etiquette. Be aware of how much space you are taking up. Some people like lean on the table with their elbows up taking more room then they realize. New players may want to join in, but if there isnít room, they canít. Your fellow players will appreciate it if you watch who you bump into.

When you play craps in a casino, youíll find players tend to be more superstitious then players at other casino games. Itís is widely known that you should never say the word seven out loud during a game of craps. If a player throws the dice and they go off the table, you may hear them say, ďsame diceĒ. This is usually done to bring good luck. Never blow on the dice for luck. It seems that only gorgeous women are able to get away with blowing on the dice. Also, craps players say itís good luck when a woman, new to the game (or a virgin) rolls the dice.

The casino setting makes playing craps very different from playing online. Casinos invest large amounts of time and money creating a gambling setting that is enticing and exciting for the players, yet profitable for the casino. You wonít find any windows or clocks in a casino. The more you play the better the profits for the casino. If you donít know what time it is or canít see daylight changing outside, the casino is betting youíll lose track of time and keep playing. Free alcohol, lots of noise and scantily clad waitresses are all there to throw you off your game.

If this type of gambling experience isnít what you're looking for, you may want to consider playing craps online - especially if you are new to the game and want to familiarize yourself with the rules and game before taking on the land based casinos.

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