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Craps Tips

Like any game at the casino, there are things you do and things you donít do. Reading these craps tips is where the real learning begins. Sometimes these are written rules and sometimes they are unwritten rules. In any case, they are all there to make the game runPlay free craps now!smoothly and be as enjoyable as possible. Itís only to your advantage to read and try to follow these craps tips as much as possible. Some are grounded in fact and some may be called superstitions, but any experienced craps player will tell you - you need all the edge you can get, whether superstitious or not.

  • Donít place a bet while the dice are in the air. The dice may hit the chips or money and youíll see a seven. Youíll make some of the people at the table very unhappy.

  • Donít distract a shooter who is about to roll. This always makes a seven show up.

  • Donít squeeze your way into a craps game next to the shooter. Youíll make them roll a seven and a lot more people unhappy.

  • Donít say the word seven at the craps table or it will appear.

  • Donít think the word seven at the craps table or it will appear.

  • If the dice go off the table, always ask for same dice or youíll get a seven.

  • Donít let your hands hang over the table. If the dice hit them, youíll get stuck with a seven.

  • Donít delay a game - hot shooters tend to cool off during delays and if they cool off too much youíll see that nasty seven appear. If you are having trouble keeping up, find something else to play, like slots.

  • Donít yell at someone who rolls a seven early or youíll seven out early when its your turn.

  • Decide on the betting selections that you like and stick to them.

  • Stick to the Pass / Donít Pass and Come / Donít Come bets if you are enjoying the action and want to play longer.

  • Bet the high odds bets if you want to win big early. Just remember, you might lose big early too.

  • Always expect to lose. My favorite craps tip! Iím never disappointed.

  • Raise your bets when you win and lower them when you lose.

  • Donít quit after you win a round.

  • The best bets are the Pass Line bet and a Place bet on 6 or 8. These have house edges of less than 1.5% - the best odds at the craps table.

  • Donít bet the proposition bets in the middle of the table, they are sucker bets with a high house edge.

  • Figure out how Odds bets work and always back up Line and Come bets with a full odds bet.

  • Donít play at tables with minimums more than your bankroll can handle.

  • Ask a dealer for help when you need it, theyíll usually be willing to help.

  • Make sure you pick up your winnings, or theyíll ride the next round.

  • Pass Line and Come bets are plenty of action. Donít get sucked into the talk of the dealers and start making bets with high house advantage.

  • Donít hand cash directly to a dealer for change. They are not allowed to take cash from your hand. Lay your cash on the table and ask for change.

  • Some bets are self service bets and some are made by the dealers. If you bet anything other than Pass / Donít Pass, Odds, Come, Big 6/8 or Field place your money on the table and ask the dealer to make the bets for you.

  • If you are shooting the dice, always make a good throw across the table to the wall on the far side. Donít try to control the dice or the dealer will call ďno rollĒ. Try to control the dice too many times and youíll be shown the door.

Follow these simple craps tips and youíll be rolling them bones like a pro!

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