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Why Play Craps?

More people are choosing to play craps now than ever before. Some believe the reason is the crackdown on professional blackjack players. Today, blackjack is a closely watched game with changing rules and other activities to thwart card counters and blackjack teams. More and more people are finding theyPlay free craps now! can win at the craps table, get lots of comps and have a lot of fun. Here are some reasons why you should choose craps.

  • You control the game. As a craps player you can ask to use the same dice, hold or set them anyway you want, get better than advertised odds, negotiate the table limit and make call bets - with no need to lay down any chips. How can you beat this?

  • You can place bets that have a low casino advantage. Some bets you can place at the craps table have less than a 2% casino advantage. Craps players like to bet the pass line with maximum odds or bet the donít pass with maximum odds, the come bet with maximum odds or donít come bet with maximum odds. If youíre playing a table with 100x odds the casino advantage is only .2% or even less! It doesnít get much better than that!

  • In two rolls, you can increase your bankroll by 900%. If you bet one dollar on the 2 or 12 and it wins you get $30! Let this ride and you win $900. Youíve just increased your bankroll by $899 in less than 60 seconds. This is a very unlikely win, but there are not many games where you can make this kind of money this fast.

  • You can win by betting with a good shooter. Find a player making $5 when other people are shooting and increasing to $25 bets when he is shooting. He might be psychic or even have a craps table at home. When he bets, bet the same way. If he wins so do you. Itís nice to win using someone elseís sklils.

  • There are lots of comps. If you play craps with a large buy in and make a big first bet the casino wlil be please to start tracking your play and offering you comps. Play only at casinos that give you credit for the spread of your bet rather than individual bets. Youíre likely to get free room, a free show, free meals and free drinks. Itís hard to get this much free stuff at other table games.

  • Craps has long and profitable streaks. Itís not unheard of for a shooter to have the dice for an hour whlie everyone at the table cleans up. Watch the tables and recognize these streaks when they happen. Before you know it youíll be betting with black chips. Not many casino games offer this kind of excitement and profit.

  • Craps is a people game. Craps players often talk with other players and the dealers. You can ask about the condition of the table. Feel free to talk to everyone and anyone to get a idea on the state of the table. Look for donít bettors and see how they are fairing. Craps is a great place to make money and friends at the same time.

Why play craps, you ask? Craps is an amazing, exciting and profitable game. Blackjack games are plagued by hassles and rules that change. Roulette is a hard game to make profit or comps. Try craps! You have lots of player control, high profit probabliity, low casino advantage, you can ride on the sklils of others, get lots of comps, occasional money making streaks and have opportunity to find out the condition of the table by talking to players, dealers or anyone else you want. Itís hard to beat craps, because craps is easy to beat!

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